5 Things You’ve Never Done With Lysol Cleaning Wipes (But Should)

5 Things You’ve Never Done With Lysol Cleaning Wipes (But Should)

Once upon a time, Lysol was a vaginal-cleansing douche. The company also marketed its cleaning solution as birth control between 1930 and 1960. Considering that the label lists the solution as a skin irritant, it sounds like a painful idea.

Don’t try it.

Luckily, Lysol got out of the gynecological game in the 1960s* and decided that women would enjoy cleaning the house with their product, more than their lady parts. I’d love to meet the marketer who helped them pull that switch.

Today’s Lysol is a very different product, and the lemony-fresh scent of Lysol all-purpose cleaners, sprays, and wipes is synonymous with clean in many homes. Their disinfectant sprays and cleaning solutions have been used in American homes and hospitals since 1962. And they keep innovating new ways to clean.

Lysol Wipes Are Addictively Popular

Let’s face it, if you’ve got no other cleaning product in your house, chances are you’ve still got Lysol’s disposable cleaning wipes.

According to a quick search on Amazon, Lysol Cleaning Wipes are the best in-class for disinfecting wipes. For a cleaning product that’s relatively new to the market (they didn’t exist until 2000), they’ve gained a loyal and emotional following.

What makes Lysol Disinfecting Wipes so popular?

Short answer? They clean pretty much everything.

Long answer? They clean pretty much everything, kill bacteria and viruses, eliminate allergens, and leave an addictively clean smell behind. Oh, and they’ve got the added bonus of a tough scrubbing surface on one side, and a smooth polishing surface on the other. And they won’t rip as easily as paper towels.

How to Use Lysol Cleaning Wipes – In Ways You Haven’t Already Tried

Lysol lists uses for these wipes that include cleaning windows, toilet seats, wiping up spills, disinfecting surfaces – where the house is concerned, the versatility of these wipes is impressive. I dug through my own cleaning files, as well as the accounts of hundreds of other Lysol Disinfecting Wipe users, and came up with the following unusual, and incredibly helpful, uses:

  1. Clean Your Sneaks. My husband started this use in our house. For us who always had a busy schedule and with a toddler who seems to create mud out of thin air – a talent that boys of all ages share, I hear – keeping the little one’s shoes clean seemed an impossible task. Exasperated, my husband reached for a wipe, and voila! Clean shoes. No damage to the shoe itself, and no more mud or hassle. Lysol wipes have been our go-to sneaker cleaner for over a year, with great results.
  2. Upcycle the Empty Wipes Container. Do you have too many plastic bags cluttering up your kitchen or pantry? One crafter had a great idea – upcycle your old Lysol wipes container. Even after the product is gone, Lysol keeps cleaning up mess, this time as a plastic bag storage unit and dispenser. Check it out here!
  3. Keep the Grocery Cart Germ-free. Many grocery stores offer cleaning wipes for grocery carts, but most dry out too quickly, or don’t have the flexibility to actually clean the surface well. Try carrying a small tube of Lysol cleaning wipes with you, instead. They scrub through the mess, stay moist, and thoroughly disinfect – keeping you and your little one safe from germs. Having wipes with you when you’re on the go is a great way to fight cold and flu season, too.
  4. Wipe Down Your Car’s Interior. Yet another advantage of carrying disinfecting wipes with you is the ability to tackle mess in the car quickly, and to disinfect your car’s interior surfaces regularly. Test the interior material in an inconspicuous spot first – some interiors may be damaged by Lysol wipes. Once you’re sure that the material will hold its color and finish, wipe away. Car interiors are often forgotten amidst the rest of the cleaning that you have to do. A little wipe down from time to time can keep them hygienic and clean.
  5. Get Rid of Mold and Mildew. Known for its germ-fighting power, Lysol doesn’t fail to perform where mold and mildew are concerned, either. If your bathroom is plagued by mold and nothing seems to work, wipe down the surface with the scrubbing side of your Lysol wipe, then let the wipe sit on the surface until it dries out. Repeat this once or twice a week, and you’ll soon notice that mold and mildew have been banished from your bathroom.

As much as I enjoy researching the most unusual and exciting uses for your favorite cleaning products that help cut hours off your busy schedule, I’d also love to hear what your favorite unorthodox uses are for them. Check out my articles on Pine Sol and Windex for more unusual cleaning tips – with a twist. Feel free to share your most unique use for a common cleaning product in the comments. Who knows? Maybe I’ll include it in next month’s post.

*Almost…Durex condoms are made by the same company that produces Lysol

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