Keeping Your House Clean Between Maid Service

Keep Your House Clean Between Maid ServiceThe main item to remember when reviewing these Upstairs Downstairs house cleaning tips is to tailor house cleaning tips toward your personal schedule and adapt house cleaning tips toward your own slated cleaning time to achieve the most effective method to keep your house clean. Cleaning your home should start with organization. Organizing is one of the main strategies to quickly and thoroughly keep your house clean. Clean house by breaking up individual tasks by room and keep clutter to a minimum.

Kitchen Cleaning

If you start with kitchen cleaning, finish all tasks within the kitchen to avoid confusion and to avoid missing steps in the cleaning process. In kitchen cleaning, start with large tasks and culminate with smaller tasks. For example, clear your kitchen working space by removing all clutter from countertops before attempting to disinfect and wipe counters. A cleared counter space will take less time to wipe down then one with many items that you will have to lift and then wipe around. Wipe counters and cooking tops after every use to avoid build-up of tough stains. Purge outdated and turning food from the refrigerator and always take out kitchen trash to the outside receptacle each day to avoid unwanted critters and unpleasant smells in order to keep a clean house. Throw out sponges every month, as wet ones harbor germs. Use separate cleaning gloves when cleaning food space areas like the kitchen and when completing bathroom cleaning to avoid contamination.

Bathroom Cleaning

In bathroom cleaning, use a multi-functional disinfectant like Lysol for both the toilet bowl, shower and sink areas to reduce clutter of multiple products. Once the bathroom cleaning areas have been wiped down and scrubbed with Lysol, let the bathroom cleaning agent stand for fifteen minutes to thoroughly deconstruct germs and tough stains. Rinse cleaned areas with cold water and wipe dry with a sponge or paper towel. Use a squeegee in the shower after each use to avoid mold build-up and soap stain scum.

Floor Cleaning

When floor cleaning, Upstairs Downstairs suggests to sweep the tile or wood ground with a broom first to collect the majority of dirt and dust, then mop. Use a disinfectant floor cleaning product appropriate to the type of floor you have as to not damage the material with caustic products not made for the specified surface to keep your house clean. To keep your house clean, keep pets or visitors off the cleaned floor space until it has thoroughly dried to reduce the risk of re-dirtying the floor. A fan is a good way to dry the floor quickly by increasing air circulation.

House cleaning is quite simple when you divide cleaning tasks up by room.

You will find a clean house is a productive house – meaning you save time when items are in the correct place and you can find them, when there are no obstacles to forage through to get from one end to the other, and that a clean environment is conducive to a clean slate for organizing, strategizing, relaxing and living.

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