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We are proud to service the Northwest Chicago suburbs, including: Arlington Heights, Schaumburg, Palatine, Elmhurst, Buffalo Grove, and Wheeling to name a few. Live in or near these? Contact us today!

We understand that sometimes homes just need a refresh. Maybe you have been putting off that oven cleaning or your fan blades are covered in dust. It happens! Make your home sparkle again with Upstairs Downstairs cleaning services. Get your fast, free quote today online or by phone!

You’re Busy, and We’re Here To Help

Deep Cleaning    As busy individuals, it can sometimes be hard to get to everything on the cleaning checklist and there are many things that often get overlooked in a standard cleaning.

That’s where we come in.

Think of us as your deep cleaning superheroes; a true deep cleaning maid service here to hit the refresh button on your home. Whether you are making your home look great for the holidays, hosting a dinner party or other get-together, need to get your deposit back when you move out, or simply want your home to look its best (and impress your family and friends while you’re at it!), you can count on our professional house cleaning service!

So, What is Included in a Deep Cleaning Service?

We pride ourselves on leaving your home sparkling clean; in fact, clean homes are our passion. Big or small, there is no job that our residential cleaning team can’t handle. So, how exactly is deep cleaning different from a standard cleaning?

To put it simply, we sweat the big stuff. Of course, we will take care of disinfecting and sanitizing the kitchen and bathroom, the living room, hallways and entryways, bedrooms, and everything in between.

Deep Bathroom Cleaning

Where our deep cleaning services differ, though, is that we also sweat the small stuff. The key difference between a deep cleaning service and a standard cleaning is in these often overlooked details, like the top of the fridge, all the dust that accumulates above cabinets, or those scuffed baseboards. Our cleaning professionals pay very close attention to detail, giving everything in your home the cleaning it deserves. Some of the areas that we focus on include:

Windowsills, walls, and windows

Walls, windows, and windowsills get dirty, too! We wipe these down to remove dust, fingerprints, smudges, and scuffs.

Wiping light fixtures

Removing dust to keep your lights shining brightly.

Scrubbing ovens

The inside of the oven can be a scary place. We will scrub it inside and out.

Scrubbing The Oven In Kitchen

Polishing wood surfaces

This includes tables, bookshelves, and any wood furniture. Don’t worry- we use cleaning products specifically made to protect wood surfaces!

Floor cleaning

Dust, dirt, paw prints, and crumbs are no match for our trained cleaning crew. We vacuum, sweep, and/or mop for floors so clean, you can eat off of them.

Taking out the trash

When all the work is done, we will take out all the trash that has accumulated.

Straightening items and reducing clutter

We ensure everything is in its proper place, reducing your home’s clutter for a fresh appearance.

Degreasing range hoods

Grease splatters on range hoods are hard to scrub out and often overlooked in standard cleanings. A deep cleaning will take care of that!

Cleaning the couch

We will give your couch and couch cushions a good cleaning and vacuuming so that it’s as good as new all over again.

Dusting items

Dusty electronics, picture frames, knick knacks, ledges, ceiling fans, and bookcases are no match for our team.

Dusting In The Living Room

Doorknobs, outlets, and light switches

We touch these items every day, and our hands leave behind oil and germs. Our team will take these from icky to glowing.

Wiping tables and cleaning curtains

It really is all in the details! We vacuum curtains and wipe down your tables and chairs.

Refrigerator cleaning

This includes a proper cleaning both inside and out, ensuring all interior and exterior surfaces and gaskets are left gleaming.

Cleaning The Fridge

And much more!

From fresh bed linens to wiping appliances large and small, our team is prepared to make your home dazzle!

Affordable Pricing Customized For You

Cheap deep cleaning house services often do not do the trick. We are priced affordably, and we guarantee our home deep cleaning services will be worth the cost.

When you are ready to book your deep house cleaning service, contact us! We just need a few details and your zip code, and we will provide a cleaning estimate customized to fit your needs. Once you schedule your service, that’s it! We will take care of making your home sparkle all over again and leave you to enjoy a clean home, stress-free.

Have some extras you would like to ensure we take care of? Simply let us know and we will work hard to ensure it gets done whenever possible! Extra charges may apply.


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